Dude: The Museum Cat

The Delaware Museum of Natural History proudly announces the publication and launch of a children’s book, titled “Dude: The Museum Cat,” based on the life of the Museum’s unofficial mascot.  An adorable orange tabby cat rescued as a stray and now making his home in the lower levels of the Museum, Dude’s tale is one of courage, discovery, and adventure.

The book, written by former Delaware News Journal reporter Bill Hayden and illustrated by artist Alan Peoples, is the culmination of efforts by the Museum to tell their story at a child’s level.  Chris Hayden, Bill’s son and maintenance manager at the Museum, found Dude rummaging around the dumpsters one day and decided to take him in and care for him.  The story chronicles Dude’s life since that fateful day.

The book will go on sale during our 40th Anniversary weekend, May 11-13, and be sold in the Museum Store as well as online.  The book will retail for $4.99 with 100 percent of proceeds supporting the Museum’s exhibits and programming.















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